Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review: Your Complete Guide

Quality home-fitness equipment is becoming more and more popular. You have many options for the kind of machine (or machines if you want multiple options) that will provide you with great exercise from the convenience of your own home.

Frschwinn 230 recumbent exercise bikeom treadmills to ellipticals to bikes, Schwinn has produced excellent lines of some of the best equipment on the market. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at one of Schwinn’s recumbent bike home fitness models.

The Schwinn 230 recumbent exercise bike is a mid-range priced piece of equipment from a trusted brand name that has more than 100 years of quality products behind it.

It comes with some impressive features and the quality of the workmanship is what we’ve come to expect from this historic brand name.

While Schwinn also makes a more expensive model, the 230 bike will fit most people’s needs without blowing your budget.

In this Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike review, we’ll cover everything you need to know to help you decide if this is the right recumbent bike for your workout.

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How Does the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike Work?

A recumbent bike works much like a regular bicycle in that the work is done by pedaling against various forms of resistance. But unlike a regular, upright bicycle, on a recumbent bike you sit in a reclined position on a regular seat with a back and pedal with your feet out in front of you instead of below the body.

Because the body is conveniently seated during the workout, the recumbent bike is an excellent option for those needing to rehab an injury or those who have joint and back problems. There is no added stress on sensitive areas where high-impact exercises may damage or further irritate these areas. Those who have trouble standing will also find the recumbent bike a great option because you are in the seated position and there is no uncomfortable bicycle seat.

Flywheel and Eddy Resistance

schwinn 230 recumbent exercise bikebuy1

The Schwinn 230 functions by having the user pedal an internal flywheel that is specially weighted on the perimeter of the wheel. This creates inertia which drives the flywheel and creates a smoother, more natural pedal movement for the user.

With this more fluid motion, your legs rotate in a 360-degree rotation, rather than the “up-down” motion as if you were climbing stairs.

And in order to give you a thorough workout, the Schwinn 230 features 20 different levels of eddy resistance. Some flywheel systems use brake-type clamps to create resistance, which does not always create the most consistent workout and can wear over time. This can also make it difficult to find a precise level of resistance to fit your workout needs.

Eddy resistance, on the other hand, uses an electromagnetic field to create a consistent level of resistance every time. As the magnetic is charged, it creates a field that the flywheel must pass through. The stronger the field, the more you will have to work to push the flywheel. This allows for an excellent level of precision so that you can find the perfect workout for your needs.


The Schwinn 230 is specially designed to work naturally with your body. The seat features a vented design that will breathe well as your body works up heat. This will also keep you from sticking to the seat as you sweat and keep the seat from building up a bad smell. The seat is also contoured to provide a comfortable seating position. This will be a nice bonus for those used to the more uncomfortable, traditional bicycle seats.

The seat also features a fore, aft adjustment which will allow you to move the seat closer or farther from the pedal. So, users of different heights can customize their position on the bike. And because the rail which holds the seat is at an incline, your body will naturally adjust to the pedal position for comfortable leg movement.

schwinn 230 recumbent bike

Schwinn has also included hand grips next to the seat (which also contain heart rate monitor sensors) to help keep you balanced. This can be a nice feature for those just getting used to the feel of the bike. These can also help you establish a bit of leverage to help you with your workout.

This model also comes with handlebars around the console to assist you in getting on and off the bike. This will be especially useful for those with limited mobility who are looking for a quality machine to strengthen the lower body or rehab.

Extra Features

In addition to the features included in the console (see below), Schwinn has included several nice features that make it easier and more convenient to work out. Next to the seat you will find an extra-large cup holder that can hold a water bottle of almost any size.

It also comes equipped with a three-speed fan to help reduce your heat build up and keep you cool during your workout. The fan is situated to move the air perfectly to the body. It doesn’t move a lot of air, so if you are one who sweats a lot or gets overheated naturally, an additional fan might be a good idea. Moving the air around the room can also help reduce the smell buildup that comes from routinely sweaty bodies.

The heavy-duty frame can support up to 300 lbs. of recommended weight. Oversized stabilizer bars give the unit great support and it comes with a center leveler to ensure that the recumbent bike is even. This allows you to make sure the unit is level even if the floor isn’t.

What Are the Features on the Schwinn 230 Console?

Schwinn divides the console into and upper and a lower section to provide greater functionality and to display a wider field of data.

Upper Console

The upper console features a grid display that creates a profile for your course throughout the time of your workout. Each column of the grid represents a segment of your workout so that you can see exactly what kind of resistance level you are on, how far you’ve come, and how much more you have to go. This can be just what is needed to give you the boost and confidence to power through to the end of the workout.

You will also see an “intensity” display, which gives you a quick glance reading of your current resistance level. This can help you track the power of your workout at any given time.

From this display, you can also select two custom user profiles. This allows two people to enter their data and customize their workout, perfect for couples or families who want to use the machine together.

schwinn 230 recumbent bikeThis upper console will also display your “heart rate zone” as you place your hands on the heart rate sensors next to the seat. Monitoring your heart rate is essential to safe exercise. This heart rate display can guide you as to your fat burning, aerobic, or anaerobic zones, whichever you prefer.

Be sure to consult a physician before starting a workout routine so that you can learn your target heart rates and ensure that you do not damage your heart with your workouts.

Another nice feature of the upper console is the “achievement display.” This can be set to track milestones much like a badge system. This will track your progress over the course of many workouts and when you meet one of your goals, the console displays a badge and makes a celebratory noise! It might sound a little silly, but you would be surprised just how much this can boost your confidence and give you that push to keep going.

Lower Console

The lower console is designed to give straightforward readings of the most common metrics that people like to use to track their workouts.

The Speed display will give you a real-time readout of your current speed in either miles per hour or kilometers per hour. This helps you pedal at a consistent rate and ensure that you are not slowing down too much as your workout continues.

The Time display can give you three different readings. First, you can set it to give the total current workout time. Second, it can display the average time based upon the user profile. Lastly, you can display the total time that the machine has been operational. This can tell you at a quick glance just how much time you’ve spent on the bike.

The lower console will also tell you your current distance traveled in either miles or kilometers. It will show you the current resistance level, and it will also display your current RPM (revolutions per minute).

Finally, and most importantly for some users, the lower display will show you how many calories you have burned during the current workout. This can help you set goals and track them towards burning energy.


The console features a couple of options that work well with your technology. First, it comes with an integrated sound system with quality speakers so you can listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or books. This can help alleviate boredom during your exercise routine, a common deterrent to developing good exercise habits.

The upper display also features a docking station which will hold your tablet to allow you to watch your favorite movies or television shows. You can also connect your device to the console via a USB port. This will allow you to charge your device as well as transfer data to the Schwinn Connect™ website and use the MyFinessPal app to track your workout and overall progress.

This is a great way to see your progress over a long period of time. This can give you the confidence that your workouts are making a difference.

What Workouts Come with the Schwinn 230?

The Schwinn 230 comes with 22 different pre-programmed workouts that you can select from. This gives you a nice range of options when considering which workout is best for you, or if you are unsure how to exercise best with this machine.

Profile Programs

The profile programs are designed to give you an automatic workout based on your unique user profile which you enter into the console. They fall into three categories, each of which offers three options, for a total of 9 different profile workouts. The first are “fun rides” which offer interval training, which increases resistance and lowers it a few times over the course of the program.

The second category is “mountain rides” which are a bit more intense than the “fun rides.” These will give you a steady increase in intensity as if you were climbing a mountain.

Lastly are the “challenge rides.” These are a combination of the previous two. Challenge rides will give you an increasing intensity with intervals. The intensity will slowly climb but then back off for a while, only to move to a higher intensity at the next interval. These rides are not for the faint of heart!

Heart Rate Control Programs

schwinn 230 recumbent exercise bikebuy1

For those wanting to focus on overall heart rate, the Schwinn 230 comes with three levels of heart rate zone programs that allow you to meet your target heart rates and monitor your rates throughout the workout.

These can be a great way to customize your workout and ensure that you do not overexert yourself during a workout.

Check with your physician regarding your “target heart rate” and allow the console to adjust your workout as it attempts to meet your heart rate goals.

Fitness Test Programs

Schwinn offers two fitness test programs (beginner and advanced) that all users should seriously consider. The fitness tests can give you a benchmark for how you are progressing with your level of fitness. By taking the test before you start a workout routine and then retaking the test every month or so, you can really see how far you’ve come. This kind of motivation may be just what you need to keep up the healthy habit of a good fitness routine.

Quick Start

If you are not interested in pre-programmed workouts, you can simply start the console up and begin your workout. You can then customize the level of resistance to your desired setting, change it whenever you want, and finish when you’ve met your goals. This can be a nice option for those who already know enough about themselves and their fitness to customize their own workouts.

What Are the Dimensions of the Recumbent Bike?

The Schwinn 230 will not take up too much space in your fitness room, or should be small enough to fit in a spare bedroom. The footprint of the machine measures 5.3 feet in length and 2.3 feet in width. This is also a great option for rooms with low ceilings as the overall height is only 4.2 feet.

The unit weighs around 81 lbs. so it is light enough that just about anyone can move it if necessary. Schwinn has equipped the front stabilizer bars with wheels so that you can pick up the rear support bars and easily wheel it wherever it needs to go. While this machine really isn’t made to be moved around a lot, this makes it easy to tuck out of the way temporarily when needed.

Are There Any Negatives to the Schwinn 230?

First, we should point out that there are not any design flaws to the Schwinn 230. It is solidly made and does what Schwinn designed it to do. Because this is a mid-range machine, Schwinn did not include some advanced features in order to make it more affordable. These advanced features might be desirable for someone who has a bigger budget.

For example, the LCD displays are not backlit so they might be hard to read if you are in dimmer light. And other Schwinn models come with as many as 29 different pre-programmed workouts.

Another drawback to the Schwinn 230 is its lack of Bluetooth connectivity. This is becoming more and more desirable amongst serious trainers. With this technology, you could monitor your heart rate via a chest strap in real time.

But if these features are not as important to you, the Schwinn 230 will provide you with a great workout for the price. You should also consider if you only want a lower-body workout. A recumbent bike will not give your upper body a workout. However, if you are just looking for good cardio, they are a great option.

Is the Schwinn 230 Difficult to Assemble?

schwinn 230 recumbent exercise bike reviewbuy1

The bike will have to be assembled in your home, but most people do not find this process too difficult. Schwinn provides clear instructions and the tools you need to put this together without much trouble.

If you have some experience assembling furniture you might be able to put this bike together in around an hour. For others it might take up to two.

Be sure to follow the instructions exactly and read them over thoroughly before you begin to assemble. If you fail to put it together correctly, you could damage the bike and user errors are not covered by Schwinn’s warranty.

What Is the Warranty on the Schwinn 230?

Schwinn offers different warranties on different components of the recumbent bike. First, the frame itself is warrantied for 10 years. These strong frames are unlikely ever to break if you take care of them, which is why Schwinn is willing to warranty them for so long. The mechanical parts of the machine are warrantied for two years and the electrical parts are warrantied for one year.

This warranty only covers manufacturer errors or parts defects. Schwinn will not warranty the unit against normal wear and tear or against user damage.

Schwinn also includes 90 days’ worth of labor warranty should anything on your bike need to be repaired. This should give you some peace of mind that you won’t be left high and dry should something happen to your bike.

You should also note that the Schwinn warranty is only good for the original purchaser. Because the warranty is non-transferable, it is preferable to purchase the unit new, rather than used, in order to ensure you are protected against any problems.

Our Verdict

The Schwinn name is synonymous with excellence in the biking world. With this recumbent bike, that same quality is applied to their fitness equipment.

schwinn 230 recumbent exercise bikebuy1

This recumbent bike comes with more features than other, more expensive brands. It’s not the premier model of the Schwinn line, but if you are looking for a good mid-range, mid-priced recumbent bike, you cannot do much better than the Schwinn 230.

You can connect the machine to your portable device to track all of your workouts, which is a standard feature nowadays. However, the inability to connect via WiFi or BlueTooth means it could be better.

But for its price-range, this is about what you would expect.

All-in-all, this is a quality machine that can provide you with years of excellent workouts. And with the reclined seating position you won’t put any extra stress on your joints or back. This is a great machine for those really wanting low-impact, high resistance workouts.

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