20 Ways to Relax in Less than 10 Minutes

Finding ways to relax in today’s busy world is essential. Far too many people run into trouble in their daily lives simply because they do not know how to manage stress. But it is actually a lot easier than most people might believe. relaxing in less than 10 minutesYou do not have to budget hours of your time in order to find ways to relax.

In fact, just a quick ten minutes or less is all you need to relax and get rid of that stress.

Here are 20 ways you can quickly and easily become stress-free.

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1. Meditate

relaxing through meditation

One of the ways billions of people across the work and throughout history have relaxed is through the practice of meditation. A few minutes of sitting in silence, clearing your mind, and breathing deeply can help relieve anxiety.

2. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

relaxing through muscle relaxation

Start with your feet. Squeeze those muscles hard and release. Then move to your calves, and so forth all the way to the top of your head. By tensing and releasing each set of muscles you can get rid of a lot of stress and feel very relaxed.

3. Massage

relaxing by receiving a quick massage

You likely won’t be able to book a massage for just 10 minutes. But, exchanging a quick back massage with a friend can be a great way to relieve some stress and relax. Or, if you have someone really close to you, try exchanging a foot massage.

4. Acupressure

relaxing with acupressure

Acupressure works by finding particular stress points on the body and applying pressure to these points to relieve stress. For a quick exercise, massage the area between your index finger and your thumb for a few seconds on both hands.

5. Stress Ball

relaxing using a stress ball

These have become popular for a reason. Grab a stress ball, squeeze away, and put all of your troubles on it. While it won’t get rid of your problems, you will find that it will help clear your mood so that you can better attack your troubles.

6. Hot Shower

relaxing taking a hot shower

If you want to clean away the stress in your mind, try cleaning away your body, literally. A good, hot shower can be a fantastic way to feel fresh and brand new. Try this after any of the other ways to relax that work up a sweat.

7. Sauna

relaxing in a sauna

If you have a sauna in a gym or home sauna, you know that having a good sweat can relieve your stress. There is a reason that saunas have been a part of some cultures for thousands of years. And all you have to do is sit in a hot room to reap the benefits!

8. Take a Walk

relaxing taking a walk

If you find yourself stressed in your current location, just go outside and take a quick walk. This will get your blood pumping a bit, help you get away from your problems, and aid in clearing your mind. This can give you perspective and help you relax.

9. Clean and Organize

relaxing by cleaning and organizing

The area around you can greatly affect your mood. If you find yourself stressed out, take a few minutes to organize your space and clean up a bit. With better and cleaner surroundings, it can greatly enhance your mood and help you relax.

10. Stretch

relaxing by doing stretching exercises

To relax your body, take a few minutes to go through a series of stretching exercises. This will help focus your mind and release all the bad “vibes” that are keeping you from relaxing. A short stretching session will do wonders for your mood.

11. Journal

relaxing by keeping a journal

Many people find great relaxation by getting their thoughts out of their heads and onto paper. There is something quite therapeutic about putting it all on paper. It helps you organize your thoughts. Don’t try and plan what you will write; just get it out without thinking about it. It is amazing what you will discover about yourself and how relaxed you might feel.

12. Listen to Relaxing Music

relaxing by listening to music

If you really need to just escape for a few minutes, just put your headphones on, select your favorite song, and get away. It is amazing how well and how quickly you can escape your troubles and relax by just listening to your favorite music.

13. Try Brain Exercises

relaxing by doing brain exercises

Many people turn to crossword puzzles, word searches, Sudoku, or logic puzzles as a way to relax. It might be a little frustrating at first if you are not used to doing these kinds of puzzles, but once you get the hang of them, a few minutes working on a puzzle can be very rewarding.

14. Aromatherapy

relaxing through aromatherapy

There has been a recent craze in essential oils. Check out some lavender scents dropped into a diffuser to help you relax whenever you need a quick break. Scents can also be put on your wrists or under you neck to help connect your brain to relaxing moods.

15. Eat a Little Chocolate

relaxing eating chocolate

There is a reason chocolate is so popular. It has been known to help with hormone regulation, which is why it is a “go to” craving food for women during, particularly stressful times. It’s not just a cliché; chocolate really can help you relax. But you have to be careful and not overdo it, as too much chocolate can lead to weight gain. So eat just a little when stressed.

16. Drink a Cup of Tea

relaxing drinking tea

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It takes just a few minutes to boil a pot of water and steep a fresh cup of green tea. One of the ingredients in green, herbal tea is L-Theanine which has been known to relieve stress and reduce anger. It can be that simple to get rid of stress.

17. Do Some Breathing Exercises

relaxing doing breathing exercises

There are ancient practices of breathing exercises that are designed to slow your heart rate and help lower your blood pressure. Close your eyes and practice taking long, slow breaths in through the nostrils. Exhale out of the mouth, visualizing the air going out of your body. Combine this practice with the meditation, massage, acupressure, or sauna for even better results.

18. Shoot Some Hoops

relaxing by shooting hoops

Some mindless exercise to get your blood flowing a bit is a great way to relax. Mix this with the high of making a basket and you have the perfect mixture for a stress relief activity. And allowing your imagination to carry you away as you see yourself draining the game-winning three in the NBA finals will give you just the escape you need to get away for a few minutes.

19. Do Some Nature Watching

relaxing through nature watching

No need to go on an arduous hike here. Just turn your chair to the window and gaze outside to find a happy squirrel or a bathing bird. In the fall, just looking at the changing colors of the leaves can be a great way to connect to nature for just a few minutes.

20. Spend Time with Pets

relaxing by playing with your pet

It has long been known that people with pets (particularly cats and dogs – the ones you can cuddle with) live longer and happier lives. You pet will never reject you and is always happy to see you. Spend a little time each day playing with or petting your favorite best friend to relieve a great amount of stress.


So take some time to relax. It won’t take much time out of your day, as you can see. These quick and easy tips will give you just the break you need from the daily grind to reduce your stress and help you live a well-balanced life.

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