19 Simple Nutrition Rules for Long Term Fat Loss

how to achieve long term fat loss

If you have a slowed metabolism or want to “jump start” your metabolism to lose weight, there are several things you can do to speed this up in a safe and natural manner. There is no reason you should have to be stuck with a sluggish metabolism – it is not a curse you have to live with. You can do something about a long term fat loss. Here’s how: Continue reading

Why Does Dieting Suck?

dieting sucks

Dieting sucks, correct? Well, does anyone consider dieting as fun? I have never met one. This is mostly because as soon as you talk to people about dieting, they hear “deprivation” and “starvation”, and not being able to eat good tasting food… Never ever again! Surely that cannot be fun!

However, dieting does not have to be like that. I’m not going to tell you a lie by saying you’re allowed to eat whatever you like anytime you want, and as much as you want. Let’s face it, in case any diet or fitness “guru” guarantees you something like that, run and run fast. It’s a scam! Continue reading

15 Green Smoothies That Make Mornings Healthier

green smoothie recipes

We’ve been told all our lives that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” And, of course, “important” means much more than just that you have breakfast. What you have for breakfast can make all the different for your energy levels and well-being all day long. And a healthy habit of good breakfasts is necessary for a lifetime! Continue reading

10 Tips for Beating Back the Belly Fat and Banishing the Bloat

banishing the bloat

Who doesn’t want to see a reduction in their midsection? When at the gym or the beach, we’d all like to be a little trimmer in the belly. But there’s one thing that is working against us, no matter how much we exercise, and that’s bloating. A feeling of a swollen or distended abdomen can make us feel uncomfortable and bloated. But is goes beyond just feeling fatter; bloating actually can be seen when it’s really bad. Continue reading

How to Use an Elliptical Machine Correctly

how to use an elliptical machine

Elliptical machines, sometimes called cross-trainers or X-trainers, are everywhere. You will find them in gyms, fitness centers, hotels, and homes. Yet, they were only first introduced in the early 1990s. There are many good reasons for the rapid expansion of ellipticals, but in spite of their widespread popularity, many people still are not sure how to use them properly. Continue reading